Quick! let’s go…….. There’s no time left. Let’s get it done. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but the first stones were laid as the foundation in a day. The task ahead  may seem enormous but the first step is in sight. We are taking our steps towards freedom and fufilment, the very purpose we were born.

Help me change the things I can and manage the things I can’t change.

Anthony Femi Faniku.

Help with the cost?

Grabbing with your cash during the feastive season is hard enough, with family commitments, expectations from people and the inclination to extend goodwill to others during these periods; we tend to overstretch our cashflow and credit card companies are there to prey on this trend.

Being the coldest time of the year and the possiblities of spending more time at home with families, energy cost comes into the list of worries especially for low income and middle earners. With the hike in prices of energy cost no one is immuned. Although its spring now, and the summer may be long but we could all do with help in spreading the cost of the most expensive season of the year.

If you’re like me and interested, there are handful of information to arm yourself with in preparation. Don’t put it off, the few pennies could put a smile on someone’s face and tell them you really care.

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Hello, I am a student of life and i think learning is best enhanced when it is interactive. I invite anyone who is interested and knows about ideas to create a sustainable energy future to freely contribute or share their views on how we can make our societies more cleaner, efficient and sustainable energy compliant.

It is humble to say i am no expert in knowledge on sustainable energy, but it is an issue that affects all of us, with the hike in fuel prices and the impact it has on other economic sectors; it is sure worth paying attention to. There have been protests on the headlines on government laxness in implementing the Kyoto agreement. However, we cannot undermine the power that individuals, groups and communities can harness in creating an energy environmental friendly society. Humanitarian agencies and other NGOs does an incredible job in responding to disasters triggered by climate change from greenhouse gases and i applaud their services. They contribute enormously to relieving the plights of the people affected and i would recommend giving regularly to such organisations. Unfortunately it is often working from the wrong end of things since they respond to the effects of long established practises of inefficient institutions that care less about environmental impact.  How can we promote accountability by committing industries to programmes that filters down to benefit people locally? Who gains from carbon trading programmes? Does it really impact lives of people affected by industrialisation? How is the term (Industrialisation) changing or changed? Does it include super malls and retail giants and what social impact do they have on local communities and what responsibilities do they have in tackling CO2 emission and other environmental issues?

The Beauty of encouraging sustainable energy growth is the power it could give ordinary people, the effects of the quality of life it enhances and ultimately the economic impacts of jobs and wealth creation.

From this side of the world, let’s applaud El Hierro for their efforts in creating such ideal community to model. Let’s applaud the proactive support of their government to the projects. El Hierro is a small island, located in the southwest part of the Canary Island in Spain.

I will be blogging from time to time and i will appreciate your contributions. Let’s share ideas to create and influence a more transparent, efficient and responsible energy consuming society.

Anthony Faniku.